Rain, Rain... Isn't Going Away


Rain, Rain… Isn’t Going Away

How to Make Sure Your Pup is Rain Ready

As the days fly by, rainy season is quickly approaching Seattle. This can affect more than just your bad hair day. It can happen to your pups too! Whether they are out walking with their Seattle4Dogs friends or stepping out on the town with you, a rain jacket is a fall and winter essential, especially in this city!

Why does my dog need a rain jacket, you ask? There are a few different reasons! First off, rainy weather can cause low visibility. This can make it more difficult for cars, bikes, etc. to see your pet. Having a (often brightly colored) rain jacket can help to eliminate that risk. Not to mention, how cute does your dog look in their coat?! Also, specifically on our hikes and walks with friends, we are outside for multiple hours at a time. If it’s raining that whole time, your pup will be coming home soaked! This is especially important to consider for smaller dogs, puppies or elderly dogs who may get colder or catch illnesses easily. It’s also good to think about the amount of water your pup could be tracking into your house after their walk, despite being toweled off before going inside.

If you do choose to get your pet a rain coat, the next step is ensuring that it is the proper fit. As we do a lot of exercise on our daily walks, it is so critical to make sure that your pets rain gear is not going to restrict their movement at all. You want the rain jacket to cover your pet and stay put, but you also want it to be breathable. And of course, you also want it to be actually rain resistant.

One rain jacket brand that we see many of our furry friends wearing on their walks is the Oregon-based company, Ruffwear. Not to mention, both Forbes and the New York Magazine listed Ruffwear products in their top rain jackets and winter gear posts. There are plenty of rain gear options out there, but Ruffwear sure does seem popular around the office.

We want all of our pets to have the best walks and experiences possible. We always have extra rain jackets at our office if someone forgets theirs or needs to borrow one on an especially rainy day.

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Written by: Hannah Haydock