October : Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

This is a nationwide event sponsored by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to help promote the adoption of shelter animals. According to the ASPCA website, a dog enters a shelter every 10 seconds all across the United States. This would mean that from October 1st to now, that 32,274 (and counting) dogs have found their way to a shelter. Not taking into account the animals that were previously there waiting on their forever homes.

There is more than one way to celebrate this month long holiday! First, of course, would be to open your heart and your home to a local shelter dog in need. However, if that is not an option for you this month, shelters are always taking donations and volunteers! Spread awareness in any way you can. There is a social media hashtag- #AdoptAShelterDogMonth, that you can share on just about anything.

ASPCA also suggests fundraising as a way to help raise awareness and make a difference. They, along with many others, are taking part in #31DaysOfRescueDogs this month. People are posting pictures of their favorite rescue dogs all over social media. Many are encouraging their friends and family to donate just $1. Even $31 dollars can make a huge difference in a shelter pups life. If you choose to register your fundraising tea through the ASPCA, they are even offering prizes for their top fundraisers.

Just in the Seattle Area alone, there are TONS of amazing rescue organizations. Here are just a few you could check out if you’re in the market for a new furry friend to celebrate with this month:

Again, there are PLENTY more pet rescues in and around the Seattle area. These are just a few to get you started.

Here are Seattle4Dogs, we care for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and backgrounds. This month (and everyday) we celebrate all of our amazing friends!

Here are some of our rescue beauties that we get to love on-



Jasper was picked up as a stray in the San Bernardino area of California in early April. He was then taken in by a CA rescue but didn’t have much luck finding his forever home there. He was rescued from there by Dog Gone Seattle (linked above) on May 24.

Luck for Jasper, he was put into a foster home with two other dogs so he did not have to endure much of the shelter environment. He was adopted by his forever mom here in Seattle On June 29, 2019. He joined our pack not too long after.



Charlie has a little known history. He was juggled through at least two homes before landing in his forever home here in Seattle. Originally, Charlie was adopted out of the Animal Control services in Kent, but was fostered in Portland, OR.

His current owner, one of our Seattle4Dogs walkers Hannah, went and adopted him on September 8, 2019. He loves getting to go to work everyday with his mom and meeting so many new friends.



(Pronounced Wheelie)

Willy came to Seattle all the way from Bolivia. Willy met his forever mom in a small town called Carmen Pampa. She was there working as an instructor. The university has a cafeteria and a veterinary clinic on site. This leads to many street dogs making Carmen Pampa their permanent home. This is just what Willy had done.

When he finally met his (now) mom, there was an instant connection. “He began to follow me often - as I taught class, during my office hours, etc. He won my heart pretty quickly”, his mom says.

Willy was the pack leader, and a smart one at that. He learned hoe to sneak through fences, open doors, and tip over trashcans so every dog could eat. He even went so far as to eat the neighbors chickens. This lead to talk of putting Willy down. “I protested (quite emotionally, I’ll add) and did what I could to protect him. I ended up paying a townsperson a grand sum of six dollars for the deceased chickens, and promised to feed Willy and his friends everyday, so they wouldn’t be so hungry that they needed to hunt”, his mom says. Discussions of putting Willy down ceased.

His mom knew that she wanted to adopt Willy and bring his back to the States with her. However, she was going to teach in Chile for several months before returning home. Luckily, she had two friends help care for and watch Willy as he made his transition to Seattle.

After around 6 months from the time his mom left Bolivia, Willy was transported by cargo plane from La Paz, Bolivia to Cuzco, Peru and ended in Los Angeles, CA where his mom was waiting for him. They drove back to Seattle the next day. “He couldn’t see me in his crate because I initially approached from behind, but once I called his name, the whole crate shook with excitement”, his mom recalled.

It took about a week for Wily to regain his energy and routine. “ While you can take the street dog off the street, you can’t take that instinct out of the dog. He certainly knows how to hunt and scavenge, but he also knows he no longer needs to”.

“He’s settled beautifully into hime life here in Seattle (of course), and he loves his bed, cuddles and comforts. I’m still careful, though, to keep him away from any city chickens walking around the streets of Seattle” Willy’s mom finishes.

His mom says that adopting Willy is the best decision she’s ever made (and we can’t disagree!). We’re so happy that Willy found his way to Seattle.



Raj was adopted by his forever family in 2016. He was removed from his previous home due to abusive conditions.

His family says, “He’s got some anxiety issues as a result but is about the sweetest, most happy go lucky guy around”. Our walkers can definitely agree! Raj is always ready to have a good time.