Mark Little

Sharing my adventures with the four legged has really been a joy in my life.  I have been walking with dogs for quite some time now taking them on many hikes and adventures. It's a blast, but more so, I enjoy the dogs' expressions of having a good time! The best reward is looking back at all the dogs napping after a great walk.


Luke Mann

I love being able to work with dogs every day. Iā€™ve always had a passion for animals. Being able to walk and care for dogs has become very rewarding.  It's been a privilege to work for all the wonderful families over these past years. Ive had a lot of fun being apart of the Seattle4dogs family, and hope to do so for years to come!


Michael Dimitre

I am an active person and dog lover!  I love to hike, bike, ski and rollerblade.  I didn't grow up with dogs but have been walking them for 4 years and I just love them to pieces.  

I am a drummer and Graphic Designer which keep me indoors alot.  Being a dog walker allows me to be outside and work with such loving and joyful creatures.  I look forward to each dog walk and the many adventures each walk brings.  Cheers!

group pic 2.jpg

Emerald Niakan

Walking dogs allows me to understand things about other animals on this planet. Walking dogs allows me to take our beloved furry 4 legged friends into nature and simply appreciate it. Walking dogs gives me the space to practice being patient and understanding. 
The physical and mental practice of vinyasa yoga has a big presence in my life. I enjoy hiking and camping in the PNW. I am a vegetarian who loves to make all home cooked meals for myself and boyfriend. Though a big dog lover, I've got 2 kittens at home named Nyx and Iris.


Dustin Horst

My name is Dustin. I've lived in Seattle 6 years now, originally from Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up always having dogs around in my family and love them a lot. My last dog was a Rottweiler-lab name Rusty. I don't currently have a dog of my own, but always love being around them!


Lisa Weisert

Im a passionate pet lover and enjoy being around and working with animals! I currently own a cat, fish, and a turtle. I've had many other pets over the years, including dogs. Ive had the opportunity to work at a vet hospital, a grooming salon and currently dog walking/sitting. I find caring for and socializing with animals fulfilling and fun.


Maeve Keogh

Im a Passionate dog lover, i love walking dogs in my spare time. I love my community and helping out where i can. 


Anthony Little

I am a very active person, playing lots of sports growing up. Free time i like to hang out with friends, play basketball and love to go on hikes with my dog (Max) who is 7 years old! I've been with him since he was 1 and thankful for every moment that he has brought into my life. Being around dogs all day is probably the best job you can ask for, with so many personalities it's never a dull moment. Picture is from poo poo point which is a great hike!



Brian Henry

I am 24 years old and I have a black lab named Pixel. I really enjoy walking dogs, it is really nice to see how happy they are after a long walk. I like going on hike, swimming etc.