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It all started when...

In 2003 I was asked to be a dog nanny for a German Sheppard and a Matisse who required all day supervision. To keep me and the dogs busy, we walked hours, took ferry rides,  and of course hung out at coffee shops. In 2007 I attended The Art Institute and walked dogs part time. By 2011, I was devoting all my time and energy to the dogs, creating a LLC business that is insured with years of experience backing me up.

Seattle 4 Dogs is not only a business for me but my life. I took what I enjoy doing every day and turned it into something bigger. My health and the health of the animals I care for is very important, so exercise is key. Whether at your home or mine I make it a priority to walk and play outside the majority of the day, rain or shine! Getting to know a new dog is always exciting for me because they all have their own unique personality and there isn't anything that brightens your day like a companion. So feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions! Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my page!